Giclee Prints

Giclée prints, from the French word meaning “a spray of liquid”, are archival inkjet reproductions created from high resolution digital images of original paintings. I use the services of master photographer Bob Swanson at ArtistiControl, where top quality printers using pigment based inks create “almost exact” copies of my paintings. The prints are done on watercolor paper similar to the original surface. Proof prints are run and meticulously checked to the original until the accuracy of color and texture is optimized.

In many cases, I can’t even tell the difference between the print and the original.

Once a print is perfected, I decide upon the size of the edition. This number is set when the very first print is produced, and never changes in the future. If the edition is set at 50 prints, that’s all the prints that will ever be created. In general, prints of my watercolors are exactly the same size as the original, but I do have the ability to create special prints for a specific client…please inquire if a different size is desired.

The quality of the giclée print rivals traditional photographic silver-halide and gelatin printing processes as well as lithographic reproductions. Giclée prints are accepted by museums, art galleries, and art collectors the world over. I hope you will enjoy the ability to purchase beautiful, collectible prints of my work as well as the original paintings.