Terms and Policies

Rates and charges (which have been stable since 2001)

  • Graphic production, typesetting, artwork: $45-$50/ hr.
  • Basic internet site development and promotion: $45-$50/ hr.
  • Updates to existing website: $45-$50/ hr.
  • cgi/java programming, Flash animation: $70+/hr.
  • Digital photography: $45-$50/ hr.
  •  Additional charges may include travel (when required) at hourly rates plus expenses, special materials, programs, fonts, licenses, scripts, disks, laser prints, and any other production costs unique to your job. Charges will be explained in advance as fully as possible.

Web site hosting

We will assist you in locating the best hosting service for your site, matching your needs for ecommerce and statistics, bandwidth and space, audio and database support with the many great hosting companies we are familiar with…please inquire.

Invoices and Ownership

Full payment is required upon receipt of invoices unless otherwise arranged prior to start of work. Ongoing accounts will be invoiced monthly. You are the owner and copyright holder of the web site and the files that appear on your web site (such as html, gif, jpg, mp3, mov and swf) once payment in full has been received.  Source files are not included in this purchase, for example fla (Flash source files), psp (Photoshop source files), and any other audio or visual source files, unless copyright release and ownership transfer is specifically arranged.

There is a 15 minute minimum charge for all logged work. Conference and consulting time spent discussing your project, in person or by phone, is charged at our normal hourly rate.

There is a 1.5% interest fee per month charged on all balances not paid within 30 days of billing, unless credit has been arranged in advance. There is a $15 service charge on all returned checks.

We will be glad to provide an estimate for your job.  In most cases,  however,  your invoiced charges will be based on the actual time spent on your job.

A deposit is required for all jobs with an estimate over $100. Amount of deposit is based on estimate and production costs for your project.

Normal delivery time on small jobs is 5-7 work days. Any jobs specifically requesting rush service will be done in 1 – 2 days when possible and the time will be charged at standard rates plus 15% for rush service.

Proofreading and Content Responsibility

You the client are responsible for inspecting and approving the final copy. Instructing us to upload material to the internet, to send material to the printer, or to deliver material in any other form, constitutes your approval of the material. Responsibility for inadvertent errors or omissions is entirely yours.  You are the final inspector of your project.


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