Internet Services Terms and Policies

Rates and Charges

  • All basic programming and support services: $50/hr. based on actual time logged on your project.  We provide a detailed time log with every invoice.
  • Advanced programming, such as Flash animation, php databases, and other specialized services: $60+/hr. (this level of service is rarely needed, but the option is there for you if your website requires it). Charges will be explained in advance as fully as possible.

Additional charges may include travel (when you request that we come to your location) at hourly rates plus expenses, special materials, programs, fonts, licenses, scripts, disks, and any other production costs unique to your job.  If we recommend a resource to you – and if that product or service has an affiliate program – you can assume that we will be suggesting you use our affiliate link. You can also safely bet that we have extensively researched each and every product or service recommended by Artworks, and we will be offering you the best and most economical options available for your small business or organization website.

Designing your site will involve a variety of third-party systems. CMS platforms such as WordPress and Thesis make use of open-source platforms.  Shopping carts, Paypal, google calendar features, email services and many other website features are third-party services. We help you choose the most dependable and economical options with the understanding that these systems are dynamic and future developments will probably change the look and function of your website.  Updates will be required.  The Internet changes all the time, and we will help you stay in knowledge and in control.

Full payment is required within 30 days of receipt of invoices unless otherwise arranged prior to start of work. Ongoing accounts will be invoiced on a regular schedule.  Once payment in full has been received, you are the owner and copyright holder of the web pages and files we create that appear on your web site (html, gif, jpg, swf, and so on).  Source files are not included in the purchase (such as fla, png and psp files).

There is a 10 minute minimum charge for all logged work. Conference and consulting time spent discussing your project, in person or by phone, is charged at our normal hourly rate.

We will be glad to provide an estimate for your job. Charges, however, will be based on the actual time spent on your job.

A deposit is required for all jobs with an estimate over $100. Amount of deposit is based on estimate and production costs for your project.

Normal delivery time on small jobs is 5-7 work days. Any jobs specifically requesting rush service will be done in 1 – 2 days when possible and the time may be charged at standard rates plus 15% for rush service.

You the client are responsible for inspecting and approving the final copy. Instructing us to upload material to the Internet, to send material to the printer, or to deliver material in any other form, constitutes your approval of the material. Responsibility for errors or omissions is entirely yours.

There is a 3% interest fee per month charged on all balances not paid within 30 days of billing, unless credit has been arranged in advance. There is a $100 service charge on all returned checks.

All customer changes are chargeable.
You are the final inspector of your project.