Clary Sage the Dream Herb

This lovely sage plant has a mystical history dating back to the Romans. It is said to create vivid dreams and help recall dreams as you awaken in the morning. In ancient tradition, sleepers would write a wish on a large Clary Sage leaf, then put it under their pillow. Subsequent dreams reveal whether their wish will come true.

Years ago, I bought a packet of Salvia sclarea seeds and scattered them in my flower garden. The beautiful plants return each season, reseeding themselves enthusiastically! The tall plants have delicate purple blossoms, beloved by bees.

This original watercolor is tall as the plant itself, image size 11 inches wide x 26 inches tall on Strathmore watercolor board. The painting feels more like an oriental scroll than a western watercolor, while the pastel colors of fine watercolor pigments simply glow in all light! Treat yourself or your loved one to the vibrant dreams that Clary Sage gifts it’s lovers.

This painting is professionally framed with a rustic wood that enhances the “country garden” style of the watercolor. It will be safely shipped, double boxed and sent via UPS.  Currently displayed at The Gallery in Mt. Shasta, the painting may also be purchased directly from me.

Original watercolor by Kim Solga.
11 inches by 26 inches on Strathmore watercolor board.

Original painting for sale, professionally framed: $650.

Please contact me for information on shipping costs (I recommend UPS insured delivery).

See photos from the Fabulous Flowers show at The Gallery in Mt. Shasta.


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